Why Charlie Sheen is Better Than You

Everyone seems to be losing their shit over Charlie Sheen and some bullshit that no one really cares about.

Hell, I don’t even know what the hell he even did to cause this whole media gangbanging, but I do know that Charlie Sheen is winning.

Why do you ask?

Because you all give a […]

South Park Insights

I have a confession, I love South Park

You know? The TV show that gets all sorts of shit for its foul language, racial injustices, and general air of lewd absurdity.

I revel in stuff like that, because more often than not, those types of shows have a lot more to say than talking […]

How Your Fear of Cliff Diving Can Tell You More About Yourself Than You Wanted to Know

Have you ever found yourself looking at a person spending nearly every waking minute of their lives at a desk doing the same monotonous tasks and wonder how they haven’t committed hari kari yet?

Did you ever get a chance to look at a person who spends their whole life living on the road […]

Window Shopping

Recently I was taking the elevator up in the complex that I work in and noticed a few extra details that I hadn’t seen before

The elevators themselves look as if they were hit with a hammer swung by the guys who do the Grey Poupon commercials. It has a television built into one […]

7 of the Most Inspiring Videos On The Web

(Great photo despite its probable overused appearance on anything searched “inspirational” in google 😉 )

I am not the type of person who runs a website and runs around making re-postings of information that is already readily available to the masses, but in this case I am going to make an exception. Recently, on […]