The Power of Subtraction

subtraction symbol

Lose things in your life that weight you down. From clothes to new gadgets, you don’t need t anything in order to make a change in your life

I always wondered why advertisements always try to add something to your life.

From cars to women and even a self scrubbing toilet cleaner for those to lazy to do it themselves, there is always some fancy new thing that is aimed to make our lives that much better than they were before.

How is it that a new Jaguar XS will make my life better? Will I be able to blow past other people on the road and make it to work 5 minutes earlier?

Wait, both of those ideas suck when combined with the notion that Not only will I be getting to work earlier but I will likely have a fat 150$ fine to pay as well.

But what about a diamond necklace from Tiffany’s, surely that will improve my life?

After I blow enough money on a accessory to equate to roundtrip ticket to Australia, I am left with a elegant piece of jewelry that will give the Joneses a woodie if not but for only a moment, until the matching earrings are released to the rabid public.

Do you love fast cars and jewelry? Like do you collect them and find yourself having erotic fantasies about said objects? Then maybe you really are meant to purchase these fine products.

Do you add things to your life just for the sake of it?

If you own an ipod and see the new model come out and find yourself craving the replacement model like a starving Ethiopian craves beans and rice then you likely have fallen pray to the power of addition.

Adding said thing to your life is said to offer some amazing benefit, but yet these benefits never come, or happen in a fleeting moment akin to your first sexual encounter.

What if advertisements told you to lose the things in your life?

What if the gospel of naught decided that instead of a fancy new watch and a shiny laptop you should go through all the crap in your attic and basement and sell it on Craigslist, or even donate it?

Imagine if a television ad proclaimed that you should go through your closet and get rid of all the clothes that you never wear instead of going to Macy’s for the day after thanksgiving sale?

What if keeping up with the Joneses meant moving into a smaller home and growing your own vegetables instead of buying canned peas from whole foods?

Fantasy? Yes

Worth subscribing to the idea? Hell yes

Subtraction is so much prettier than addition


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