Mother Teresa’s Principle for Living a Selfless Life

Mother Teresa was a positive inflectional force to be reckoned with during her time of care giving and motions to helping those who did not have the means to help themselves

What many people don’t know is that in her early years she did not as strong of a desire to help others, until a day when a dying woman fell on her looking for medical need. Because of the caste system in Calcutta, she and the woman were turned down from every hospital in Calcutta as she frantically went to anyone who would offer aid to this “lower caste” woman. After a few hours, the woman died in her arms, it was at that moment that she swore that as long as she lived no one under her watch would die with such sorrow surrounding their life

She selflessly went from country to country offering aid and care to those less fortunate and met with the direst of life circumstances, giving homes to people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis. Building and maintaining soup kitchens, children’s and family counseling programs, orphanages, and schools for impoverished and struggling countries all over the world

She became a worldwide icon and at the time of her death she was mourned throughout the world for the face that she lived her life solely to reach out to the needs of others.  Since then, many people have chosen to follow Mother Teresa’s principles for a selfless, and make even the smallest contribution to positively impacting the lives of others people.  Here is a simple principle for living more like Mother Teresa

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Teresa lived for the moment during every moment of her life, she did not dweel on the past and the people she may have failed to help, or stress about the future and limitless amount of people that would need her care. She lived for the moment and took life one step at a time, living in the now.

Many people tend to dwell on the past and second guess the moment in front of themselves due to past and the lingering failures and successes that many believe, “but look what happened before, I bet that would happen again”

It is also common to gaze into the future, and artificially create problems and undesirable scenarios before they even occur, causing you not to follow through on the things you want simply because of a “what if” scenario.

This concept of living in the now is something that anyone can utilize in order to drastically improve the quality of their lives, or the lives of others

It means taking every moment for exactly what it is at face value, and running with it regardless of whatever past or future scenario that may or may not occur

When Mother Teresa watched someone die in her care again and again in her various homes across the world, she did not let their deaths linger in her mind, she realized that their deaths significied a need for her to take action, and help the next person who needed her care, instead of becoming sullen and downtrodden as a result of another loss of life

Similarly, when she thought of the millions of people in the world that needed care of some kind, she did not become overwhelmed with the ideas of how she was going to save the world, but rather became completely wrapped in the moment of saving the person that was in front of her at that very moment. By living for saving the person that existed in the now, she knew that she would be one step closer towards helping saving others

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