Start A Business Now


Like working for the man? Enjoy your drudging 9-5 lifestyle? Do you absolutely adore your round table discussions at the water cooler?

Hell no.

Anyone in there right mind wouldn’t want to sign up to do someone else’s bidding for the rest of their god forsaken lives. While sometimes you have to do what you need to do, other times it better to tell your boss to, “Piss Off!”

That is why I am writing this post day, both in reparations for my lack of activity on this site and also to show everyone how kickass it can be to run your own small business.

Everyone is good at something, even mentally handicapped sociopaths can be good at making models of cars. This means, that you too, have a talent that is not currently being unleashed in the world.

Chances are you are not making money doing something that you love, or doing something that is tolerable but offers the lifestyle that you crave. Starting your own business is your Dr. Feelgood for this common cold.

Don’t get me wrong, its a hell of a lot of work on the back end, but once you get going, you become a wrecking ball of productivity and accomplishments. Pretty soon everyone will be breaking your door down and offering you their first born son to take care of the things in there life that you find a walk in the park.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Start doing something right now and stop doing all the work you hate so much.



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